SIP 081: Sun protection for swim instructors

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”SIP 081: Sun protection for swim instructors” artist=”Swimming Ideas” ] SUN SCREEN! SUN LOTION! SUN BLOCK! This is the most essential product you can buy. I’m talking about sun tan lotion. Sun block. We use this gallon jug. You can use this too. I suggest making it mandatory for all swim instructors to … Read more

SIP 078: Central States Clinic Part 3 [smart_track_player url=”″ artist=”Swimming Ideas” ] Dr. Alan Goldberg, Getting parents to work with, not against you.   Blog post about day 1 handout. Day 2 handouts:   Be proactive. How to teach your parents on your swim team. Learn how to interact with your swim lesson parents in a healthy way. … Read more

Swimming Products

  Online lesson management suite (Swimming Ideas). Loading… board access to swim lesson plans and developmental swim practices. Every week we update a new board on Start with the first 11 weeks from Spring and Summer 2017. You can immediately get access to 11 weeks of swim practices. Each week has 4 days … Read more

Swim Lesson Plans and Skill Sheets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][button link=”” bg_color=”#b019b0″]Buy Digital Swim Lesson Plans and Skill Sheets[/button] [button link=”” bg_color=”#850385″]Physical printed and laminated lesson plans and skill sheets[/button] Give your staff an easy to read guide to teach swimming with minimal training. Your instructors will find them easy to read and follow their color coded and numbered plans. Each activity and game … Read more

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