SIP 048: The science behind progressions

  USA Swimming has this article linked to their Learn To Swim page at   We’re going to look specifically at this portion:   ” Moving and Learning Recent neurological research links movement to learning and memory.  Since neurologists now agree that active movement is scientifically linked to intellectual development, how early … Read more

SIP 046: Two scripts for teaching swimming

Front glides, back glides   Put your shoulders in the water Put your arms out in front of you Put your face in the water Push off to me   Back glide script:   Stand up straight Turn away from me Put your shoulders in the water Tilt your head back … Read more

New Swim Instructor Guide to teach adults and teens

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This guide will help you teach swimming lessons to teenage and adult beginners. It is intended to help new swim instructors teach well to a different type of student: adults.  Teenagers are included as they are generally mature enough in this type of learning to be similar to how adults learn. Veteran instructors will benefit … Read more

Revive your Summer Swim Lessons this Winter

For the northern hemisphere, we’re in the throws of winter, or in 2015, what should be winter on December 21st. El Nino has for most of the world delayed much of the snow and cold and turned it into wet dismal weather.

With the longest night of the year just past us, memories of summer seem distant and cold. They are far away and we still need to slog through the wet spring and snowstorm of January – March.

Before you know it, we’ll be hiring for summer staff and interviewing our swim instructors. If you put out a summer brochure for registration you’ve likely just started planning it, or already have it done.

Here are 6 tips you can do to get ready for your summer swim lessons and make your memory of summer a little warmer and brighter!

Read moreRevive your Summer Swim Lessons this Winter

Backstroke for beginners video From Chris Burton

Through twitter we found this great video. Chris has been a wonderful person to talk to, and he has some great high quality videos: Tweet from @ChrisBu36390714: @SwimmingIdeas Closer to the elbow. There’s a scene in my “Backstroke for Beginners” video that shows it.

Swim Lesson Templates and Plans: Learn How and When to use them and Create your own

Think of a lesson plan for swimming as the roadmap for your instructors to follow. Lesson plans are the guideposts along the path to a successful swim lesson. They help with the class’s flow and skill transitions. With a well written lesson plan you’ll naturally flow from one swimming skill into the next. You’ll gracefully move from underwater activities to glides to arm strokes

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