Swimming Game – Diving In

Diving is one of the hardest swim skills to teach, especially diving from a block. This game, simply named “Diving in,” will help to teach proper diving technique. Depending on the age of the swimmer, they can either dive from the block or from the edge of the pool. 1) Have all of your swimmers …

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Swim Lesson Plan – Parent and Infant Class

Swimming can be described as the ability for one to move harmoniously through the water. Swimming is a very wonderful thing especially to infants and children who are in the process of growing. It is good for their growth, health and fitness. However, it is wise for every parent and swimming teacher to take caution …

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Swimming Game – Bake a Cake

Bake a Cake -Get a hoola hoop, or a circular object and make that your “cake” -Have swimmers circle around the hoola hoop and hold the sides. -Take turns asking each swimmer what they would like in their cake. Exp: “Susie, what would you like in your cake?” “CHOCOLATE!” “Ok, lets put some chocolate in …

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