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Online lesson management suite (Swimming Ideas).

Trello.com board access to swim lesson plans and developmental swim practices.

Every week we update a new board on Trello.com. Start with the first 11 weeks from Spring and Summer 2017. You can immediately get access to 11 weeks of swim practices. Each week has 4 days of practices. You can see our master list of activities: this is literally every thing we have done at swim practice. I update the master list each week with new games, activities, sets, and scripts.

I use Trello.com to track practices and skills for a number of reasons. I can upload pictures, videos, and categorize by activity. I can easily drag and drop activities in from the master skill list, and can quickly plan out my practice plans. Trello is great for you because you can get all the benefits of the team viewing experience. You can navigate through the platform easily, and you can see all the skills and activities we use! Want to copy the board and mix and match it for your own activities; do it!

Draw from a huge bank of swim skills and follow the exact practices we do with our own USA Swimming competitive developmental team. Swimmers that have gone through this program have won state championships, gone to Junior Nationals, and started their competitive career with essential habits already in place.

You get unfettered access to run your swim program better.


*This does not include any physical items.


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