How to Create Fun and Effective Developmental Swim Practices


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Sometimes coaching competitive swimming can be as easy as writing a set on a whiteboard and letting your swimmers push off the wall at the right time doing the correct stroke or drill. But that is boring. That isn’t really coaching.

Developmental swimming establishes habit, tone, and technique. We are the first contact many young people have to the sport of swimming. We need to provide a stimulating, fun, encouraging and exciting experience to capture those new swimmers and keep them throughout their career.

We have to compete against football, soccer, the Nintendo Switch, Minecraft, and a whole world of other activities and sports.

Your developmental program is crucial to the success of your competitive swimming club or team.

Do you want to have swim parents that tell your coaches, “she LOVES swimming. She begs me to let her come all fours days of practice,” or “He gets mad at me when he can’t come to practice… so here we are!”

I regularly hear from my participant’s parents how much their kids “love swimming,” love coming to practice, and how much fun they have. We have fun at swim team. We play games, do activities that are challenging and stimulating, and provide targeted effective instruction so our swimmers improve rapidly while establishing essential habits that will carry them to performance success.

I’ve been coaching with a competitive USA Swimming Level 4 team full-time for 10 years. In that time I’ve coached state champions, had 8 year-olds qualify for regionals and state, and played hundreds of games with varying results.

Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my failures. See how I’ve iterated with the help of my assistant coaches and swimmers to create a framework that produces effective instruction along with fun activities and games designed to stimulate attention, foster deliberate practice and produce results.

We’ll look at how you can cram every minute of your practices full of deliberate practice opportunities. Discover how to build short distance sets with multiple attempts to teach complicated strokes like breaststroke and butterfly to beginners.

Save time, confusion, and the rigors of trial and error by reading this quick book. You’ll have better, more effective and more fun practices immediately!

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How to Create Fun and Effective Developmental Swim Practices