Teaching Swimming: Fun and Effective Instruction Online Course


Learn the essential swim skills starting with going underwater and moving through all four competitive strokes.

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Teaching Swimming: Fun and Effective Instruction Online Course

Online Course companion that goes right along with the Print book. This online course includes a copy of the print PDF for download.

See videos, voice descriptions, and images to teach important swimming skills to anyone from a beginner to a veteran.

Review quiz answers and receive a certification to print and prove your competency!

Join in now as we flesh out this course and lock in a introductory sale price.

Course Content

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Essential Swim Skills
How to Teach: Method and Delivery
Parent and Infant / Tot



Swimming Ideas’ latest training workbook for new and veteran swimming instructors and coaches.
This book is updated as of October 23rd, 2019 to version 3!
Use the all new layout, better hand drawn custom pictures and the benefit of a new tested format that will ensure you get the most for your time and effort.

Teaching swimming lessons and running a swim team can be difficult. There are so many variables and things to consider when you’re teaching.

You might have ten children in the water or five adults. Knowing how to communicate, which skills to work on, and how to follow an effective incremental progression is hard.

Swimming Ideas is here to help.I’ve trained hundreds of new staff how to swim, and have compiled a long list of skills, terms, and techniques to make swimming instruction more effective in a new teacher’s hands.

Want to teach your 16-year-old novice how to teach a swim lesson so you aren’t cringing and biting your nails as you watch? Give them this book, and use the general lesson plans in the back. Not sure how you describe the nuance and importance of using command language in your classes?

Use this training workbook and discuss how to be a better communicator. Did you just hire a swim instructor that has never taught a lesson before and doesn’t even know what a front glide is?

Maybe they’ve never heard of streamline. Give them a copy of this training workbook and they’ll learn the 15 essential swim skills and how to teach them.

From language, scripts, pictures, and guides, this training guide has it all.


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Includes discussion questions and a tactile reference for better retention.

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Teaching Swimming: Fun and Effective Instruction Online Course