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Teaching Swimming

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Going Underwater

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It is the first step to learning how to swim.

Go slow.

Build trust with gradual incremental progression.

Ask repeatedly if swimmer will go under.

Going Underwater

Once you know to go underwater it may seem like a super simple and easy thing to do.

For children who haven’t experienced what it feels like to be underwater comfortably it is a terrifying prospect.

We want to make going underwater for our participants fun and exciting, interesting and amusing.

Swimming Ideas recommends that you take a gradual and slow approach to encouraging children to go underwater at their own pace.

Provide multiple opportunities to go underwater through games, activities, challenges, and asking questions to get kids to put their face underwater.

With continued effort, with constant asking and offering opportunities the swimmers will eventually join in the fun and put their faces underwater to begin their swimming journey.

What was it like for you the first time you went underwater?

Do you remember it?

Do you have a personal story about your first moments in a swimming pool?

Take some time to think about how you learned to swim or how you got comfortable being in and around the water.

How can you ensure that your swimmers will have a joyful and safe learning moment?

Some key points:

Build Trust over time.

  • Earn trust. Be honest.
  • Demonstrate first.
  • Respect swimmer choices

Ask Often

  • “Do you want to go under?”
  • Kiss the water, put your nose in.
  • How about your chin?

Incremental Steps

  • Go slowly. Start with 1 build up to 7.
  • Avoid jumping steps.