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Supported back float with ears in the water.

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Uncomfortable and scary for beginners.

There is something truly uncomfortable about being upside-down, on your back, and held aloft by someone you barely know in a pool where you might sink.

Earn your swimmer’s trust by maintaining a physical connection during this supported float/glide.

Testable goal:

Relaxed swimmer in a back float with 2 fingers supporting the back of the neck.

This should be done repeatedly with brief episodes of no support.

Bonus Goals:

  • Repeated episodes of no support.
  • Completely relaxed and motivated back glide enthusiasm.
  • Belly button at or above the surface.
  • Feet kicking.

Activities to achieve this goal:

Supported Back Glide

Aim for getting the swimmer to put their ears in the water while providing as much support and comfort as possible.

Different types of support.

Have the swimmer rest on the parent’s shoulder. Lean into their neck and arm.

If ADVANCED hold the back of the head.

Start close with support.

Press your shoulder against the back of the swimmer’s neck.

Can modify support over time where you adapt to different holds.

Challenges to achieve this goal:

Challenges are like games but with less moving parts and quicker.

Put 5 toes above the water while keeping your face above the surface.

BONUS: Do it without touching anything else.
2 x BONUS: Keep 5 toes above the water and spin around in a circle.

Fall backwards like a tree that was chopped down in the instructor’s arms (where they catch the head at the surface and don’t allow the face to get underwater).

While in a supported back glide throw a ball in the air and catch it 3 times.

Fill a bucket with water while kicking and leaning on the bench railing or against the wall.

Final Test: Be comfortable and relaxed in a back float with minimal support; ears remain submerged.

With lots of exposure to back glides and floats your swimmers will get more and more comfortable. Go slowly and increase gradually over time instead of rushing to the more advanced stages.