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Supported Front Glide with face in the water.

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Adjust your type of support to encourage floating on their own.

Testable goal:

Relaxed swimmer in a front float with face in the water.

This should be done repeatedly with brief episodes of no support.

Bonus Goals:

  • Done where swimmer holds on your shoulders or fingers and instructor does minimal lifting.
  • Bravely glides short distances above comfortable depth without sinking or panicking.
  • When supported the body is relaxed and buoyant.
  • Feet kicking.

Activities to achieve this goal:

Supported Front Glide

Start with hands on shoulders with significant instructor support.

Over time change your support method to give more control and floating to the swimmer.

Glide through Hula Hoops

Hold a hula hoop vertically with 1/2 the circle above the surface.

Swimmers walk through the hoop. Each time through they must kiss the water.

Lower the top of the circle each pass through until they must go completely underwater to pass through.

Reach for the Wall

Start close and fall for the wall, grabbing it with two hands.

Over time move the bench further away and require swimmers to glide across the water a short amount before they can touch the wall.

Encourage swimmers to put their face in the water aimed at the bottom.

Pick up Rings

Going underwater helps build comfort for front glides. This fun game stimulates interest in going underwater and will lead to benefits during front glides.

Give swimmer 6 rings and have them get them with:
– Foot
– Hand
– Shoulder underwater
– Lips in the water.
– With a foot, but both hands above water.

Challenges to achieve this goal:

Float on your belly for 3 seconds then with help roll onto your back. Float on back for 3 seconds.

Held in the instructors arms the “WRONG” way, arch your body like a banana where your head and feet are above the water but your belly button and lower back are underwater.

Touch the bottom of the pool with instructor help.

Using bubbles push a float toy across the surface 3 body lengths.

Final Test: Be comfortable doing a front glide with face in the water as long as a comfortable breath hold.

Swimmers should be verging on letting go, attempting to move without assistance, and relaxed while the instructor gives support.