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From lessons to swim team, we provide lesson plans, online tools, level structure, and effective teaching techniques through training guides, training workbooks, podcast interviews with industry professionals, and digital documents for easy deployment.

Dynamic activities to stimulate interest.

Excite your swimmers with enjoyable challenges, games, and body control tests.

Images and Videos for better instruction.

Aquatic Professionals live at the pool. Make your life easier with training resources with videos, images, and text.

Swimming specific illustration.

Utilize custom hand-drawn illustrations we use every day to help teach complicated swimming techniques to participants in swim lessons and swim teams.

Challenges and Games for every ability level.

Diverse games and challenges that will stimulate your swimmer’s learning and motivate your teachers to be creative.

What people are saying about Swimming Ideas

Joe Gil

Swim Instructor, UK

We used the lesson plans in our school swimming lesson last week. All the staff loved it. We cut them up, laminated and put onto a keyring to keep in our pockets. Ideal as we teach in an outdoor pool, in the UK and it usually rains!

Theresa K


I have been a Private Swim Instructor in Arizona for the past 10 years and I just recently found your website.  I’m pretty sure I have watched/read every inch of your website and I visit your “master games list” every week when I’m putting together my lesson plans.  I wanted to let you know that I think you guys have done a great job sharing your resources.

Heather S

Swim Instructor

I purchased the plan kit a few months ago when I began teaching; I just started listening to your podcast.  I can not thank you enough for the great ideas and reminders your show has given me!  It’s made a huge difference, and it shows.

Ashley B


I want you to know that your website is my favorite and I share with my staff everything you send out. You do a phenomenal job!<br>Thank you for always taking time to provide me with thorough information.

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