SIP 092: Are you comfortable teaching?

What should you do if you are comfortable? What should you do it if you’re not comfortable? Covid-19 and the coronavirus pandemic is real. We just saw this week that the president got infected and foolishly hosted events without face coverings that subsequently infected many other people at a White house event. I know. This … Read more

SIP 091: Swimming Ideas’ Levels

Find out what Swimming Ideas Level structure is and why we use it. Learn the nuances of each level and the progression of skills that takes a 3 year old who doesn’t like the water to a competitive swim team swimmer. For all the information covered here go to: Level 1: Level 2: … Read more

SIP 090: Teaching Swimming, Method and Delivery

Today we review the online course, Teaching Swimming, fun and effective instruction and the second section: Method and Delivery. Today is all about the online course, Teaching Swimming, that comes with the companion PDF of the physical book available on Amazon. This training course covers the crucial skills your teachers need to begin having effective … Read more

SIP 089: Safe children that LOVE swimming with Julia Johnson

Teach better Parent Tot, Parent and Infant classes with Julia Johnson. Julia Johnson grew up in Michigan where she learned to swim during summer swim lessons by going to beaches and pools. She swam competitively in high school and then completed a few aquatrathons, sprint triathlons and a 5k swim in the years after graduation. Julia … Read more

086: Training Summer Swim Lesson Managers

What are the essential skills you should be teaching your lesson managers? You can find information at Under the Level Description guides. They details the specific needs of each “level” and what to look out for including guidance for lesson managers. Criteria for an effective swim lesson manager: Understanding of level structure, essential skills, … Read more

SIP 085: Finding Deliberate Practice Opportunities at Swim Lessons and Practices

What can you do at your swim practice and swim lessons to promote Deliberate Practice, and how does mediation teach you to be a better swimmer. What is deliberate practice: “ While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. From … Read more

SIP 084: Why “Challenges” have replaced games.

Intro: What are Challenges? Why have they replaced games? Quicker Individual based apply to broad ability levels tailored for groups sideways learning they are games celebrated success opportunities striving to “challenge” self improves overall swimming Live use Where you can find them

Practice 7/10/2020 White & Blue

Warmup: 1 x 100 IM Kick1 x 100 DRILL. Pick one: Fists, 1 arm only, 2K + 1 Pull, HLBw/R1 x 100 BK Kick1 x 50 Position 11 Question of the Day: What position should you get into after every Breaststroke Kick, and at the finish of every fly stroke? Correct: 50 FLY or BRWrong: … Read more

SIP 082: Teaching Private Swim Lessons During Covid-19

How should you protect yourself and others when you’re teaching swimming lessons to individuals or duos? Today we’re listening to a user submitted question and answering it after a brief unrecorded phone call. Rowenna and I spoke on the phone and we reviewed much of the same things. Her favorite games are Treasure hunt and … Read more

Swim team during Covid-19; indoor plan

Our USA Swimming team is starting swimming practices again starting this week, June 18th. We’ve been paying attention to the guidelines put forth by our state, Illinois, and have worked with our risk management agency to implement safe protocols for users and staff. My wife is immune compromised and I’ve been taking the social isolation … Read more

Covid-19 and Swimming

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, happy, and safe. All of us are struggling with either stay at home orders or a reduction in hours and livelihood.   Our businesses hinge on having people in the water. If we get more people we’re more successful. Moving forward the suggestion is that large … Read more

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