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Level Structure

Most agencies are familiar with the American Red Cross level structure with 6 levels for swim lessons. And most agencies change, adapt, or alter the Red Cross level structure.

They do this because Red Cross is broadly applicable to everyone. They target all learning. That is good; they set a standard, but it allows for nuance and opportunity.

Swimming Ideas condenses the 6 level structure into 4. We offer supplemental classes and categories like Parent Tot, Guppies, and Swim team.

Our main “levels” are designed for ages 3+ to learn going underwater to all four competitive swimming strokes. Each level has no more than 5 key testable skills but allows for many different things to be taught and done within each level outside the testable skills (safety, treading, etc).

What does Membership give you?

Being a member through All-Access gives you and every member of your team:

  • Teaching Swimming Online Course.
  • Level Structure Online Course
  • Essential Swim Skills Tutorial Video Course
  • Teaching Swimming Book PDF
  • Lesson Coordinator Handbook PDF
  • Visual Skill Sheets: quick reference guides for vital swimming skills of all levels (12 pages) PDFs
  • SwimSheets: custom hand-drawn progressions for level agnostic skills (Underwater and Glides, Crawls and Breathing, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Refining Freestyle) PDFs
  • General Lesson Plans: Levels 1-4, PDFs
  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Parent Tot (6 weeks). PDFs
  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Level 1 (4 weeks). PDFs
  • Guppies: Games & Goofiness
  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Level 2 (Two 4-week progressions). PDFs
  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Level 3 (4 weeks). PDFs
  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Level 4 (4 weeks). PDFs
  • Swim America Stations Lesson Plans (10 stations, 14 sheets). PDFs
  • How to Create Fun and Effective Swim Games eBook PDF
  • How to Create Fun and Effective Developmental Swim Practices eBook PDF

*Team members get access to everything and can download or view it with their own accounts.

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