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What are the benefits of an All Access for Teams membership?

  • Fun and Effective Instruction for Agencies: The pdf introduces a program that provides a simple level structure and testable skills for swimming instruction.
  • Your brand, our structure: The pdf explains that the program is free to use and customize, and that subscriptions give access to more training documents, lesson plans, guides, and online courses.
  • Train your team to a single standard: The pdf highlights the benefits of using the program to train staff, teach swimmers, deliver feedback, and manage lessons.
  • Swimming Ideas’ Tools Workflow: The pdf lists the tools and training products that are available for different roles: swim instructors, lesson coordinators, and aquatic professionals.

How to Teach Swimming with Fun and Effective Instruction

Are you looking for a way to teach swimming lessons that is fun, effective, and easy to follow? Do you want to train your staff to a single standard and ensure quality instruction? Do you want to customize your program to fit your brand and your needs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the Swimming Ideas program. This program is a free and flexible level structure that includes testable skills, teaching language, and format for swimming lessons. You can use it as it is, or adapt it to your own needs.

The Swimming Ideas program has many benefits for swim instructors, lesson coordinators, and aquatic professionals. Here are some of them:

  • Simple and clear levels: The program has four levels that cover the basic skills of swimming: Intro to Water, Glides, Blue, and Green. Each level has testable skills that make sense and are easy to understand and evaluate.
  • Fun and engaging activities: The program includes games, drills, and activities that are fun and engaging for swimmers of all ages and abilities. You can also create your own games and activities using the guides and tutorials provided by the program.
  • Training and mentorship: The program offers online courses, workbooks, lesson plans, skill sheets, and evaluation forms to train your staff and provide ongoing guidance and feedback. You can also access the online lesson management website to track and manage your lessons.
  • Customization and branding: The program allows you to customize anything for your unique needs. You can change logos, names, games, and activities at will. You can also use your own brand and identity to promote your program.

If you are interested in using the Swimming Ideas program, subscribe today and get access to all the tools and training products.

The Swimming Ideas program is a great way to teach swimming with fun and effective instruction. Whether you are a swim instructor, a lesson coordinator, or an aquatic professional, you can benefit from this program and improve your swimming lessons. Try it out today and see the difference!

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