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DataSwim is now Swim Lessons PRO at www.swimlessons.pro

Experience a new way of tracking lesson progress and swimmer skill mastery.

Play with the test site and fool around without worry that you’ll mess something up.

Lesson Management that works for you.

Take time to click through the test site. When your an All-Access for Teams member you’ll get full control to customize the site for your program.

test2.swimlessons.pro will become ”your-program.swimlessons.pro” without any additional cost. Let parents sign up for the site and approve them on the backend or add them yourself.

Customize the levels and skills to your specific tailored needs, or use Swimming Ideas levels.

Start enjoying a robust system for swim lesson management. Test it out now!


Swim Lessons PRO gives you the power to create your own levels and skills, track them, and have parents see their own child’s progress.

Want to modify Swimming Ideas’ level structure to fit your personal site-specific needs? You can do that!

Want to use an easier method for tracking your swimmer’s progress? See each swimmer’s comments, evaluations, and classes all on their own page.

From cellphones, tablets to the office Swim Lessons PRO gives you complete control over your swim lesson participants.

Parent Accounts

Join the digital age.

Get rid of paper. It’s time. Really, we’re done with writing on paper on the pool deck.

Cell phones, tablets, and computers are ubiquitous.

Stop struggling to track your swimmer’s progress with reams of paper and pens while on a flimsy clipboard.

During the summer you probably have a lesson manager that runs the day to day operations of your robust swimming lesson program. From summer camp lessons to public lessons you trust your staff to make sure the swimmers are checked in, they’re registered, and get put in the right groups.

For years, years! we’ve been tracking our swimmers with stacks of paper.

Can you think of anything more annoying than shuffling through a binder on the pool deck and scratching out a kids name in the margin and adding it to a different sheet because the kid got better and needed a new class?

Cell phone ready.
Tablet friendly.
Desktop powerful.

Swim Lessons PRO gives you access to your program from any device.

Give your staff access to update classes, send evaluations, and manage your lessons without adjusting crucial skills or levels.

Parents can log in and see only their own swimmer’s information along with your program-specific levels and skills.

Swim Lessons PRO gives you control.

Finally, a solution tailored to your needs.

Swimming lessons and program progressions are as different as there are people teaching. We all have a certain progression of skills we like to focus on.

Swimming Ideas’ thinks that we should make it easier; for us to evaluate swimmers and for you to do what you want to.

Swim Lessons PRO lets you create your own levels and skills, then evaluate swimmers on them.

Creating Levels and Skills in Swim Lessons PRO

Step 1:

Click “levels” at the top.

Step 2:

Click “Add Level”

Step 3:

Fill in the level name and what sort order you want it to be in. Sort order is the order you want your levels to be, like 1, 2, 3, 4. If you have color names they’ll default to alphabetical or the number you put in the “sort order field.”

Step 4:

Click submit!

Evaluate swimmers in a class, or on the Evaluations tab.

Assessment is key to a robust swimming program. Your swimmers and parents need to be informed about their progress.

Most programs have a “waterproof” piece of paper that they can write all of the swimmer’s progress in. Some have plastic-type brochures with pictures.

My only problem with these papers and pencils is water. I know. You could say that water with electronics is more dangerous, but most phones are IP65 safe, and you can get relatively inexpensive cases for tablets.

There is nothing worse than giving a parent a crumpled sheet of paper with water-logged sections and strange rips across the smeared ink.

Give your participants a digital record of their progress where parents can see the date their swimmer mastered a skill, all of your evaluations, and any comments you had.

We make it quick and easy to evaluate swimmers and keep your staff flowing through the hundreds of kids in your lessons.

  • Go to “Dashboard”
  • Click on the Evaluations.
  • Click ”Add New Evaluation
  • Enter a title for the evaluation.
  • Select the swimmer to be evaluated.
  • Add comments about the swimmer’s progress.
  • Choose which level you’re evaluating.
  • Click submit!
  • Once approved by a Lesson Coordinator or Director the evaluation will go live and parents can log into the site and see their own child’s infomation.

How do parents get access to their Swim Lessons PRO?

When you’re using the database to track swimmers it follows this scheme: Swimmers are connected to a Parent Account, and Parent Accounts are connected to your Agency.

Parent Accounts require an email address because they are able to log in to www.swimlessons.pro and see their own swimmers!

To sign in, they need to do a few things depending on how you’ve set up your program.

If you’ve created accounts for them:

  1. Parent should go to yourname.swimlessons.pro
  2. Click on “Forgot password”
  3. Type in the email they gave you.
  4. Create new password.
  5. Log to their account using their new password at yourname.swimlessons.pro

If you’re asking them to create their own accounts:

  1. Parent should go to yourname.swimlessons.pro
  2. Scroll down to ”Register new account”
  3. Create their account.
  4. Click on “Add swimmer”
  5. Parent should add their swimmers to their account

This is the preferred way; it saves you, the aquatic professional a lot of work! Then, you can go in and assign swimmers to classes based on their registration with you.

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