Covid-19 and Swimming

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, happy, and safe. All of us are struggling with either stay at home orders or a reduction in hours and livelihood.   Our businesses hinge on having people in the water. If we get more people we’re more successful. Moving forward the suggestion is that large … Read more

Creativity through Failure.

Yesterday I sat through a webinar about how to leverage your creativity and empower your employees. It was lead by a veteran of the parks and recreation industry. She wasted our time. I know. Harsh. Scandalous.  If you’re going to have your staff sit through an hour long powerpoint presentation then give actionable insight. Provide more … Read more

Using a TV at swimming

I’ve always felt that one of the biggest impediment to using technology on the pool deck was getting it to work quickly. has been an excellent resource and tool I frequent when I’m running swim lessons or training new staff. Recently I purchased a television and mounted it on wheels so that I could … Read more

Help teach streamline better

When you do streamline like a thousand times, a hundred thousand, then you forget that it can be difficult for beginners to do well. I work with kids that are transitioning from swim lessons into swim team. They don’t know how to push off in streamline. What comes naturally for me, now, is totally foreign … Read more

Manager Training Tips going into Fall .2019

Summer is about to finish most swim professionals, aquatic professionals, are wrapping up their summer outdoor programs in the United States. That means we are struggling to find staff after our college workers had gone back to school and our high school staff is left covering the same pools with fewer people and an additional … Read more

Swim Lessons and Hypotonia

Hypotonia is a condition commonly known as “floppy baby.” I found the wikipedia entry to be excellent and drastically expanded my understanding of the condition when working with swimmers. Looking back, I know that this is what one family tried to tell me about that i didn’t realize the full extent of. A reader sent … Read more

Variations on standard techniques for better swimming

At Swimming Ideas we’re all about ability, skill, and learning over endurance. I’d rather see someone swim well than swim sloppy for 200 yards. Perhaps I should say that we’re in the business of “fun and effective” swimming. In fact, I wrote a whole book about creating “fun and effective swim games.”  Through our swim … Read more

Starting a new private swim program

“If you build it, they will come.”  Maybe you’re like me and you remember watching this movie all the time. But was that mantra from the 80’s and 90’s, that iconic saying really true? Can you just “build” something and clients will magically show up? I don’t think so. Swimming Ideas is a business. I … Read more

When to take a step back

We all make mistakes. I’ve done this before too, and I know there’ll be equally as avoidable mistakes I’ll make in the future. But hopefully we learn from those errors. I watch swim lessons every day, or I am coaching. It is rare that I’m not around a pool. It is what I do. Today, … Read more

SIP 058: The One Thing

How to be a better coach or instructor [smart_track_player url=”″ title=”SIP 058: The One Thing” artist=”Swimming Ideas” ] Episode 057 with Meighan Julbert: “Focus on the 2-3 things totally essential for swimmer’s success.”   Episode 055 with Karis Mount: “My coaches focused on the one thing that would make me improve. We were focused.” Episode … Read more

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