Swim Drill – Backstroke with Water Drills continued

Backstroke with Water Drills continued

Arm Lead with “L” Drill – Positioned on one side, with one arm straight forward and the other arm above the water at the halfway point of the recovery phase. The armpit is the Balance point. Try to Grow the Neck, keep the ribs in, Press the. armpit into the water slightly, and have no arch in the back. Kick as little as possible and travel slowly.  Kicking will be sideways, not down. Look past extended arm towards the feet, above the water, at a 45 degree angle. The water should hit slightly below the center of the top of the head. Common mistakes are sculling with lead arm, improper head position, arched back and leaning forward or backwards (not properly Balanced).

“L” Drill with Rotation – Establish Arm Lead with “L” Drill position. Set Anchor on The Line, Rotate hips, Throw arm from “L” position, and Vault body past the Anchor into the “L” position on the other side. The head should remain still the entire time. Play the game of trying to get the trail arm into the “L” position before the lead arm hits the water.  Common mistakes include arch in back, lead arm getting trapped by the leg, and lifting or moving the head during Rotation.

Single Arm- Establish Arm Lead Balance Drill position. Pull with one arm only, other arm is In the Saddle.  Maintain the Integrity of The Line, and keep the head still at all times. Common mistakes include swimming flat (no Rotation), lead arm getting trapped by the leg, and lifting or moving the head during Rotation.  Once swimmers become proficient, add changing sides in patterns like 3 Right Ann, 3 Left Ann; or 3 Right, 4 Full hand hits, 3 Left.

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