Swim Drill – Breaststroke drills continued

Breaststroke drills continued

Triple Kick –

Conditioning Drill! 3 kicks per arm cycle.  Hold Ttfe Line!  Breathe in The Line! Breaststroke Kick on Back – Arms over head, keep hips at The Line and hip angle wide open, drop heels towards the bottom of the pool.  Don’t let knees come out of the water (hips drop).

Calf Touch Kick with Breathing –

Prone position, arms at sides. Breathe every stroke, bring heels to hips, and touch calves. If you touch the heels, the knees are dropping. Breathe every stroke and land on forehead, not chin. Swimmers are learning to keep the hip angle open.

Breaststroke Arms with Freestyle Kick –

Very high turnover rate! Make sure arms still get to a Wide Y, swimmer lands on forehead, and the head doesn’t move to breathe. Short intervals.

Breaststroke Arms  with Body Undulation –

Like Fly kick, but don’t think about or try to kick. Combined Drill – 1 stroke with Body Undulation, 1 stroke with Breaststroke kick, etc.

Underwater Pull-down –

Sweep Out, In and Down.  Maintain The Line!  On Recovery sneak arms up body, cross-over palms, and kick up to The Line.  Do not drop the knees, and never move the head!

Elimination  of Resistance on Recovery –

Push off underwater in a Head Lead position (as if you just finished the pull-down).  As soon as the feet leave the wall, Recover the arms.

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