Christmas Holiday: Swimming into the Festive Season

Hello Swim Coaches, Aquatic Professionals, and Swim Instructors,

We’re warming up (despite the dropping temperatures!) to dive into the vibrant and joyous Christmas season. As professionals who bring the joy of swimming to many, you all must have unique ways to spread the Christmas cheer in your swimming lessons and practices. We’re eager to know more about it!

Christmas in the Pool? Tell Us More!

How do you combine the festive spirit of Christmas with the invigorating activity of swimming? How do you ensure your participants continue to enjoy the lessons amidst the holiday hustle? We’d love to hear:

  1. Your ideas on decorating the pool area that conveys the festive spirit. Do you use any specific Christmas-themed pool accessories?
  2. The modifications made to the regular swim practices or lessons to incorporate the essence of Christmas. Are there any special Christmas drills?
  3. Information about the games introduced during swim practice that make it more fun in the festive season.

Your Experiences Matter

We highly value your experiences and innovative ideas, as they can provide a rich resource to other professionals who seek to uplift their participants’ spirits in this holiday season.

With your help, we aim to compile a comprehensive guide on ‘Fulfilling Swim Lessons and Practices during the Christmas Season’. This guide will shed light on how to subtly incorporate the holiday spirit into your practices, thereby engaging swimmers in a unique, fun-filled way.

Don’t hold back from sharing your exciting stories with us. Drop us a line at [Email Address]. We can’t wait to read your fun and festive swim strategies.

Remember, your experiences can be a buoy to many swim professionals, leading them to navigate and enjoy the holidays better!

Here are some possible holiday games or activities to do with swim lessons or swimmers related to Christmas

  • Santa’s Sleigh Race: Divide the swimmers into teams of two, one as Santa and one as a reindeer. The reindeer holds a noodle under their arms and pulls Santa, who sits on a large float, across the pool. The teams race to collect presents (small floats) along the way and return to the starting point. The team with the most presents wins.
  • Snowman Building: Give each swimmer a white ball (snowball) and ask them to swim to the other side of the pool, where they can stack their snowballs on a large float (snowman base). The swimmers can also add accessories like hats, scarves, buttons, etc. to decorate their snowman. The swimmer with the tallest or most creative snowman wins.
  • Christmas Tree Decorating: Hang noodles over the side of the pool to act as tree branches. Ask the swimmers to collect sinkers and floating objects (ornaments) from the pool and hang or place them on the tree branches. The swimmers can also use streamers, ribbons, lights, etc. to make their tree more festive. The swimmer with the most ornaments or the best decorated tree wins.

Ways to decorate your pool:

I hope these ideas inspire you to have a fun and festive pool party. ?

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