New 2017 Fall swim team season starts today

Summer is officially over for me. That’s right. It is late August, we’re no longer at the outdoor pools, and we’ve already done tryouts. It is time for the new Fall 2017 season! Yikes! Time flies so fast.

This is the board that I publish every week as part of the Complete Swimming Program (you get access as a subscriber). Today we’re introducing some key concepts:

When you subscribe you get Observer level access to the weekly trello board swim practices for developmental groups. We did 11 weeks of a mid range group over the summer, now we’re doing 14 weeks of the beginning intro level swim team group. By subscribing, you can click on every activity and see details for how to accomplish the task with a group of kids. You can see pictures, videos, and detailed descriptions.  Follow along, or scroll through the master list to the side and build your own lessons. We add every new activity we do at practice to that master list (which is the same for swim lessons too).

I also printed out two new sheets on how to “set up your lane,” and how to organize your lane when we do short distance activities: 3 x SL + [something]. You can download it here.  It is a PDF of a two sided 11×17 document. Laminate it and use it in today’s lesson.

We have about 40 new swimmers starting our group today and I wanted everything to go smoothly. So I wrote out a lesson plan, created these documents, and wrote some basics on the whiteboard.

When do you start swim team? Let me know. Connect on twitter or instagram @swimmingideas.


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