SIP 029: Using Drills to teach beginners?

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Do you use drills in your level one and two swim lessons? If so how do you do it?
We look at the key body posture drills and skills for teaching young participants how to start swimming.

Beginner drills:

Side glide? Has a place when done well: need to have core strength to keep body straight without lifting the head to breathe

Position 11


Kickboard in position 11

Roll over from front to back: move on belly, roll over, take a breath, roll over again, continue.

1 arm kickboard on side

Catchup drill with kickboard

Catchup drill in position 11

Almost position 11 (reduced time in position 11)

3 strokes 18 kicks on side.

Strong emphasis on kicking and using it to create propulsion.

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Better swimming.

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