SIP 045: Importance of Routine

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Set up systems for better success

Look in your favorite search: importance of systems in business

You’ll find a huge list of why you need to have systems. What is a system and why is it important for swimming lessons or swim teams?

I think of a “system” as a template or a guide for how to proceed with a certain action.

If I hired someone, the system would be the paperwork I needed to fill out, and who to turn it in to. The order I did that paperwork and when is the “system.”

In a large sense, how a participant signs up for your classes, what they fill out to register, and who and how much they pay is all part of your marketing and registration system.

Systems simplify making money. They simplify “how to do stuff.”

Swimming Ideas offers a “system” to teach swim lessons.

For us, it is the general format of a class, which we further break down into ability levels and activities.

We follow logical progressions to get to desired goals and do things with the same language because we’re following the system.

General activity system: short distance skill work with high volume, specific target goals, feedback, and incremental progression.

We move short distances (most of the time).

We do something a lot.

We give a few key goals (look down, lock thumb, squeeze ears).

We give feedback based on those goals.

We challenge by adding the next incremental step of difficulty.

Success comes when you can flow into this system with any person in your program with any teacher and just pick up where they left off.

Swimmers expect the routine of your system, and flourish under it. Systems remove the unique “what do you mean” moments that waste time.

Systems create trust in your swimmers.  Fear and hesitation are a huge element to swimming with the potential to not breathe. We can earn trust through our systems because participants know what to expect.

Do you have a system? Do you follow ours? Let me know in the comments, or on facebook, or twitter.

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