Swim Drill – Spine and Core

Spine and Core

We are land based creatures, with curves in our spines at the lower back and neck to absorb shock while walking, running, jumping, etc. To become successful water based creatures, we must try to eliminate our land based curves and establish proper swimming position called “The Line”.

In swimming there are Long Axis Strokes (free and back) and Short Axis Strokes (fly and breast).  In the Long  Axis Strokes the power comes from rotation.  In the Short Axis Strokes the power comes from manipulating the extended spine by flexing.

The longer and straighter we can make our spine the better:

A.   The more power we can generate from rotation in the Long  Axis Strokes (a straight line will rotate faster than a curved one, thus it takes more energy to rotate with curves)

B.   The more power we can generate manipulating an extended spine in the Short Axis Strokes (when flexing a straight line… energy will flow, when flexing a curved line…curves will interrupt the flow of energy)

Be more aware of the Core  Area  than the extremities. Core  Area will determine bodyline, extremities are for balance, transfer of energy, and propulsion.  You must establish The Line before you can focus on what the extremities are doing. Build strokes from  the inside  out!

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