Swim Drill – Breaststroke – BR arms, FR kick

The best swimming lessons drills, or swim team drills are ones that are easily repeatable, worthwhile, and require a few simple parts. The more complicated it gets, the less likely they’ll be useful.

Breaststroke Drill:

Breaststroke Arms with Freestyle Kick

After streamline, swimmer does freestyle kick. After 5 kicks in streamline or “superman” swimmer does a breaststroke arm stroke with breath.

  • Kick the entire time  PROTIP! Kick through the breathing!!
  • Focus on accelerating the arm strokes back into streamline
  • Head should be looking down and in streamline when not doing arm stroke.

There are two main goals of this drill:

  • When the hands move, they move quickly
  • As the arms shoot forward, get the head back underwater and reach to fully extended streamline.

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