Swim Lesson Plan – Level 2

Swim lesson plan for beginner swimmers.

The best way to teach young swimmers is through repetition. Most children (literally almost ALL) are unable to physiologically complete most of the fine motor movements that swimming requires. Children are physically UNABLE to mimic, or do certain things because they haven’t reached that point in their growth yet. So it is with repetition in mind that all of our activities build upon. We want to establish CORE (stomach, body position, balance) before we move outwards to the arms, hands and feet.


Level 2 assumptions: 1)go underwater 2) are comfortable being held on their back. 3) are comfortable being held on their stomach, face in the water.

1) Set up your instructor directly across from the participants.

2) Have each swimmer go to the instructor, and then back to their lesson space.

Begin with the instructor immediately close to the swimmer.

  • Have swimmer put their hands on the instructor’s shoulders
  • Instructor should have shoulders just under the surface of the water with only their head showing
  • Instructor walks backwards as swimmer extends their body out behind them.
  • Have swimmer kick their feet, and put their face in the water.


Repeat with each swimmer.

Have instructor stand 1 step away from the lesson area

  • Instructor is 1 step away from child with instructor’s shoulders just under the surface.
  • Swimmer should be able to fall over and reach the instructor, but not by just reaching arm out.
  • Tell swimmer to put their hands out in front of them
  • Swimmer should put their face in the water
  • Swimmer should push off to the instructor
  • Instructor MUST stay where they were and not move until swimmer puts hands on
  • Once swimmer reaches the instructor, repeat the first activity (walking backwards with swimmers hands on the instructors shoulders, eyes in the water and kicking.


If the swimmers are ready, the next step is to stand 1-2 body lengths away from the lesson area and have the swimmers push off, glide, and kick to the instructor.

  • Instructor should plant themselves in front of a swimmer and tell them that they are to push off, put their face in the water, and kick to them.
  • Instructor MUST NOT MOVE from their location, unless it is forward to help the swimmer. NEVER backwards.
  • Swimmer should mimic the previous steps, but alone.


Remember, our goal is repetition. Give each child as many times to attempt the skill as possible. The instructor’s emphasis should be on minor corrections and encouragement, not over talking and looking for a perfect result the first time.


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