Swimming Ideas Podcast 003: Short Distance Skill Work

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You’ll take from this episode a huge range of possibility for your swimming program. This technique works wonderfully for both swim lessons and for swim teams and their developmental programs. If you’re working on new drills or turns, you can use this for teaching advanced swimmers!

Here is what we’ll cover:




  • How to set up your pool for short distances
  • How it works during a lesson
  • What theinstructorshould be doing
    • How to explain what you’re doing
      • Everyone goes 3x streamline + …
      • Everyone does this, rotation style
    • How to give feedback
      • Once they get to instructor
      • On the way back to start place
  • What the swimmer gets out of it
    • Walk throughtheirindividual journey
      • What are instructions
      • What should focus on
      • Attempt 1 feedback
      • Attempt 2 on return (or not)
      • What do they do while waiting for their turn
      • On their second time through, ideally remember initial feedback


Swim Team

  • How to set up the pool and lanes for short distance stroke work
  • Break up into groups
  • How the format works
    • Action, move over in lane, return to line
      • Go when person in front of you has moved out of the way
  • What are the instructions you should give your swimmers
    • Typcially 3x [Item 1] + [Item 2]
    • Why 3 times? It is easy to remember, gives about 5-7 minutes of activity
    • Be as clear as possible
  • What theCoachesshould be doing during
    • Constant feedback for every swimmer
    • Swimmer checks with coach after each attempt
  • What is next? Do a set which incorporates what you just did.

SwimmingLessonsIdeas.com offers a Short Distance Stroke Work Cheat Sheet in their Professional Lesson Package. You can find details of that here.

Page 1 Short Distance Cheat Sheet

Take a chance to look at the Level One and Level Two lessons plans which rely heavily on this type of technique.

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