Teaching Swimming Workbook Preview: 1 of 3

The Teaching Swimming Workbook PDF is an excellent tool to give to you and your staff a wonderful introduction into teaching swimming lessons. 

Broken into 3 different sections this book will serve as a resource for all 15 essential swim skills, guide instructors into effective teaching, and provide instruction on how to run a swim class.

Color coded sections for easy reference.

The first section in purple covers all of Swimming Ideas’ levels with a similar format threaded through Parent Tot, Guppies, & Levels 1 -4. 

Blue: Essential Swim Skills

Upgrading the Teaching Swimming workbook in 2023/2024. See what this page looks like in edition 4:

When you are a subscriber to the Aquatics Professional membership you get access to the entire PDF of this training workbook. 

This is one of the many tools we use to make sure that our lesson programs are running smoothly and instructors are teaching fun and effective classes.

Download the Preview here:

Teaching Swimming Preview 1 of 3.pdf

Access the full Teaching Swimming Workbook PDF here!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sandy. Swim lessons are often the most profitable part of a pool! There are many people that rent out space in hotels, apartment complexes, private pools and run their own lessons as well.

      And, having a great lesson plan to help you teach fun and effective swimming skills to your clients is invaluable!

      The cost comes from the time, effort, expertise, and trial and error put into these tools. 🙂