5/23/2019 Minnows


100 IM Kick

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: What is an “undulation?” Whole body roll like a fly kick starting at chest and flowing through toes.
Y = Walk while undulating like seaweed with legs trying to leave the water.
N = Flop on the ground like limp seaweed or a fish out of water. Then do 5 pushups.

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

3 x SL + FLY K

Stay in SL and do fly kick. At the surface do 3 more FLY kicks in soldier position (with hands near hips).

Group 2:

Falling down for Backstroke

Move through progression:

  1. Hold wall with both hands, go underwater 3 x keeping a hold
  2. Hands and feet on the wall, go underwater 3 x keeping feet on the wall.
  3. Hands and feet on wall to start, 3 x fall under, lay back and put hands on top of head. Get back flat. (see picture)

Get back together into one group

4 x 25 with FINS BK swim. With Underwater streamline.

Quest to be a Master Swimmer

Master = Accomplish all tasks

Journeyman = Accomplish most tasks

Apprentice = Accomplish few tasks

Come up with a story and at each stage require swimmers to complete a specific swimming skill. Swimmers that can do all will earn the title at the end, “Swimming Master!”

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