Swim Drill – Backstroke continued with Land Exercises

Backstroke continued with Land Exercises

Be more aware of the Core Area than the extremities. Core Area will determine bodyline, extremities are for Balance, Transfer of Energy, and Propulsion. Establish The Line before you focus on what the extremities are doing. Key points in establishing The Line include Growing the Neck, look towards the feet at a 45 degree angle, Pressing the breastbone into the spine, Pressing the Lungs slightly into the water, and keeping tl]e shoulders away from the ears. Build the stroke from the inside out! Power comes from Rotation!  Just like walking, we set an Anchor, Rotate the hips, Transfer the Energy, Vault our body past the Anchor, then release the Anchor and repeat. This should make backstroke a light, Rhythmic stroke.

The arms are an extension of The Line first, and toois for Balance second.  Emphasize Throwing the weight of the recovering arm to the pulling arm in a Curvilinear pattern for the Transfer of Energy.  The energy starts with hip Rotation, travels through the body, and to the shoulder.  When you feel the stretch along your Throwing side it is time to Vault your body past the Anchor set by your opposite arm, and to Rotate to the other side. We want a Curvilinear pattern for the Transfer of Energy, not a straight one. Curvilinear movements are more efficient for transferring energy, and do not lead to shoulder injuries!

Land Exercises: Frozen Banana -we want to overstress the tissue needed for water posture, this is a slight exaggeration. Lay on back with the arms at the sides, feet on ground, knees bent. Curl up like a Frozen Banana from the base of the neck (don’t lead with chin). Keep the stomach flat (no pooching), the bellybutton in and up (no arch in back), and try to maintain the position while straightening the legs. Advanced- Move arms and legs up and down to simulate backstroke. Common errors are leading with the chin (neck will be curved), and arching the back (ribs are out).  Both of these errors shorten the spine.

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