Swim Drill – Backstroke


Backstroke is a Long Axis Stroke and the Power comes from hip Rotation. We must first establish The Line by making our spine as long as possible. Unlike freestyle, the spine in backstroke is not perfectly straight, but slightly curved like a Frozen Banana.

To achieve the Frozen Banana position Press the breastbone into the spine, and Press the Lungs slightly into the water. Keep the shoulders away from the ears and the hips slightly below the surface of the water. There should be no arch in the back. The Frozen Banana position is efficient for backstroke because the hips are slightly under the water where they can Rotate faster than if they were at the surface. Also unlike freestyle, we do not emphasize Front Quadrant or _ High Side swimming in backstroke. Instead the arms move basically in direct opposition of each other.

The chin should be in a little, and the swimmer should Grow the Neck and look towards the feet at a 45 degree angle. Rotation begins in the hips, travels through the body, to the shoulders. The power in backstroke comes from hip Rotation!  Enter pinky first, Press down lightly, set the Anchor, Rotate the hips, Throw the weight of the recovering arm to the pulling arm for the Transfer of Energy, Vault the body past the Anchor, scull in and up at the end of the stroke,and repeat. Swimmers should try to Rotate the hip down before the arm enters the water and utilize a small, powerful kick with feet slightly pigeon-toed so the energy runs up the body.



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