Swim Drill – Butterfly continued with Land Exercises and Vertical Drills

Butterfly continued with Land Exercises and Vertical Drills

Land Exercises: Angel Drill-This is a drill to overstress the muscle tissue needed for Recovery in The  Line. Lay prone with arms folded and the forehead on the hands.  Press the chest and hips into the mat, and suck the bellybutton in.  Extend arms, keeping the forehead about 1 inch off the mat.  Bring arms horizontally back to waist level (no further), then back to out in front.  Think of it like making a snow angel on your stomach, but don’t  bring arms past the waist and down to the sides.

Vertical Drills: Vertical Kick- Cross arms over chest, fingers on collarbone, elbows on ribs.  Grow the Neck,use tight, fast, body undulation.  Keep it in the body, grow posture.  10-15 seconds on max.

Add Body Snap – 3 undulations then Snap to The Line and sink.

Vertical Fly with Push Off Bottom– Push off into The (vertical) Line and just before hands break the surface of the water Sweep Out, Sweep In, throw arms around and up to The (vertical) Line and sink straight down.

Vertical Fly with Body Undulation – Same as above, but do not push off the bottom after the first time.  While sinking, use body undulation to re-direct the body up towards the surface.



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