Swim Drill – Freestyle


Freestyle is a Long Axis Stroke with emphasis on the Front Quadrant and the High Side.

In a Long Axis Stroke the Power comes from Rotation.  We must first establish The Line by making our spine as long and straight as possible.  The longer and straighter we make our spine, the more Power we can generate from Rotation since a straight line will Rotate faster than a curved one.  Thus it takes less energy to Rotate with a straight spine than with a curved one.

In Front Quadrant swimming we emphasize activity in front of an imaginary line drawn vertically through the shoulders with the body in the prone position.  This will help our Balance, as more weight up front will keep the hips and legs closer to the surface of the water.  Focusing on the finish of the stroke causes an emphasis on the Back Quadrant rather than on the Front Quadrant.  Emphasize an armful of water at the beginning of the stroke over a handful of water at the end of the stroke.  You want to Throw the weight of the arms forward, not backwards.

The High Side is the area above an imaginary line drawn horizontally through the center of the body in the prone position.  This is where the Transfer of Energy occurs.

Be more aware of the Core Area than the extremities.  Core Area will determine bodyline, extremities are for Balance, Transfer of Energy, and Propulsion.  Establish The Line before you focus on what the extremities are doing.  Key points in establishing The Line include keeping eyes looking straight down (this will extend the neck and bring hips to the surface), and Pressing for a breath rather than lifting.  Be sure to breathe every 3rd stroke for Balance whenever a breathing pattern is not directed by the coach. Build the stroke from the inside out!




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