Getting Level One in the water

Getting in the water can often be overlooked by most lesson plans and teaching programs. It is generally the first contact that the teacher has with their potentially hesitant participants.

We recommend having an established routine. At our pool we have the students come in and go right to their teacher who is waiting on the desk for them. The teacher then gets in the water first, and walks their students down the stairs to their platform.


The keys here are:


  • The instructor must be in the water first.
  • Instructorshouldassist the swimmers into the water
    • Lift them from the deck and place them in the water up to their shoulders
    • Hold their hand as they enter from the side
    • Hold their hand as they walk down the stairs
  • Instructor should not turn their back on any of the kids already in the water, and maintain field of view
  • Generally, avoid dunking on the entry. Place swimmer only in the water up to their shoulders at most.

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