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“Swimmer’s ear—that discomfort you get after swimming that includes echoing, itching, or clogging—is pretty common in the summer months as we’re all hitting up the pool. Thankfully, according to the Wall Street Journal, it’s not hard to take care of.

Swimmer’s ear is an inflammation of the skin inside the ear canal that happens when water is trapped in there. Subsequently, it happens a lot in the summer months when we’re all poolside. The Wall Street Journal has a few quick fixes that should help most of us:

If there is no pain—just annoying water stuck in the inch-long ear canal—Dr. Rosenfeld recommends putting about five drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear canal, using an eye dropper. “The alcohol will allow the water to evaporate—but don’t attempt this if you have a hole in your ear drum or an ear tube.”

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