Swimming Game – Log Roll Streamline

Log Roll Streamline

Log Roll is a great game for both advanced and beginning swimmers. It focuses on the single most important swimming position: Streamline.

You can have your swimmers do this activity by waves, individually or repeatedly in a cycle.

This game/activity is very well suited to variation, and feel free to adapt the basic guidelines.

Log Roll streamline is basically, do a streamline and rotate along your spinal axis. Remember to continue kicking the entire time.

For beginner swimmers:

Each time, push off in streamline:

  • 1st on your back
  • 2nd on your side
  • 3rd on your stomach
  • 4th on your other side

For average swimmers:

Each time, push off in streamline starting on your stomach:

  • slowly rotate to your side
  • slowly rotate to your back
  • slowly rotate all the way around back to your stomach

For advanced swimmers:

Each time they push off at the beginning of a short 25 set they should streamline and:

  • rotate their body completely around before they reach the surface, before their first stroke.


Log Roll Streamline GAME

How far can each swimmer get underwater while continuously rotating around in the same direction?

How many complete rotations can you do before you get to the flags?

While in streamline, do 2 fly kicks on Back, 2 on Side, and 2 on stomach before the flags.


What variations of this have you played? How have you incorporated it into your lessons or practice? Let us know in the comments below.

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