Lesson plans for beginners and veterans

I love using our lesson plans daily. Even when I get in the water and sub for a class or teach a group of 3 year olds I’m reaching for the TerraSlate printed lesson plans.


Because even for a veteran instructor like me, I need to knock the rust off the metal a little, clean off my boots of dirt, and dust out the old cobwebs. The lesson plans work.

I can look at the row of activities and challenges and know in less than a second what to do next.

Check out this picture:

Right across the top row is the clear numbered activity and challenge I’m on with a reference graphic to tell me what the activity should look like. I know at a glace than I’m doing an in-lane rotation method.

Then, I look below the activity numbers and read the title of the activity:

  • Streamline to the flags
  • Streamline + 3 FREE

I’ve done that 100’s of times before as a swim coach or during swim lessons. I know these activities. I can ignore the description underneath.

The benefit to me, is that I’ve removed a whole block of effort and stress from my brain. I don’t have to worry about coming up with a progression of skills or think of something on the fly that may or may not jumble together to provide an excellent lesson to the swimmers. I can use the lesson plans instead.

I can follow along with the simple, easy to follow activities and challenges that systematically move through all the testable skills in that level.

As long as I’m teaching a group of level-appropriate swimmers I can follow the daily lesson plans over and over to teach a great lesson every time.

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the clarity our lesson plans provide.

For new hires, this visual roadmap demystifies the teaching process. No more second-guessing or dry runs needed; they can dive right in (pun intended!) with confidence.

Look at this expanded version of the same lesson plan and pay attention to the description section. It gives them brief context and more visual cues to better run their lesson.

Now, let’s talk about our seasoned swim instructors. You’ve been around the pool a few times, and you might think, “I don’t need a lesson plan.” But here’s the thing: even Michael Phelps has a coach. Our lesson plans are like that coach. They keep you sharp, introduce fresh drills, and offer new challenges to keep your swimmers engaged. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to ensure consistency across all classes, regardless of who’s teaching.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been teaching backstroke since the ’90s, our lesson plans are your secret weapon. They’re packed with activities that cater to all skill levels, from ‘Bubble Blowing Basics’ for the beginners to ‘Medley Mastery’ for the advanced swimmers.

Ready to make a splash in your swim lessons? Download our FREE sample lesson plan today and see the difference for yourself. And for those who really want to up their game, our All Access Membership is the way to go. Daily lesson plans, tailored to every swimming ability, are just a click away. Trust us, your swimmers—and your peace of mind—will thank you.

Dive into excellence with our lesson plans. Because when it comes to teaching swimming, we believe everyone should be in the same lane towards success. ?‍♂️?

Membership provides tools that make swim instruction easier, effective, and fun! Check out all we offer today.

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