Membership Benefits: Adaptable Level Structure

All Access Membership gives you and your entire team tools that hook into Swimming Ideas’ level structure. Each daily lesson plan is custom made for a corresponding level and includes multiple activities and challenges aimed at that level’s testable skills.

Follow our lesson plans and your swim instructors will teach all the core skills to take a swimmer from putting their face in the water to swimming on a competitive team.

Our well-documented and free access to the level structure allows programs all over to take advantage of our decade-long struggle to make swim lessons easier for both instructors, but also parents and swimmers.

We want our clients and staff to easily understand what they’re doing. We want things to be simple, easy, and clear.

Check out the core skills for Level 2:

Quick Test Criteria:

Can they swim front crawl on their own? If yes, probably level 3, is “no” likely level 2.

Testable Skills

  • Streamline 3 body lengths on both front and back (back can be in soldier)
  • Streamline and then front crawl arms for 5 body lengths (total).
  • Streamline and then back crawl arms for 5 body lengths
  • Introduced to fly kick

Not only do we show you what those skills are, but we also provide reasons WHY they’re in level 2, and what the main points of the level are.

We want horizontal forward progress.

That’s the goal. That’s the mission. Strong levels and structure that is easy to understand and follow. Ask yourself teaching Level 2, what is my main goal? Moving in the water with the body flat!

So how does that make it “adaptable?”

When you’re a member you get all of our files. Do you want to change them?

Do you want to put your own logo on the designs and alter the level names to something obscure like “Ocelots” and “Porpoises?”

You can! Go for it! Take our PDFs and alter them to your needs! Use our framework. Use the template for levels.

We even teach you how to create a level system and how to set up your own training documents!

But we offer more than just “daily lesson plans.”

We also offer Visual Skill Sheets.

We have training and progressions for every SKILL too!

So if you’re already happy with your level structure, we have tools to help you teach difficult progressions of skills. They happen to align with Swimming Ideas’ level structure, but they work in Red Cross and other programs as well.

On the “Download Files” page when you’re a member you’ll see this list:

Teach a specific skill:

  • Underwater and Glides
  • Streamline
  • Position 11
  • Front Glides
  • Back Glides
  • Crawls and Breathing
  • Refined Freestyle
  • Breaststroke Arms and Kick
  • Breaststroke Drills and Progressions
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Open Turns
  • Flip Turns

Each item on that “Teach a specific skill” list is a training document with visual pictures and guides on how to do those skills.

Do you want to work on Breaststroke? Take the Breaststroke arms and kick sheets. Need a progression? Take that one.

We cover all 15 essential swim skills that are universal across all swimming levels and in the 4 competitive strokes. Use them as reference sheets for the swimmers, and use them as guides for swim instructors! They’re usable by all groups!

Swimming Ideas Membership Benefits:

  • Custom Lesson Plans: Tailored daily lesson plans for each swim level, focusing on testable skills.
  • Skill Progression: Guides instructors from teaching basic water comfort to competitive swimming techniques.
  • Accessible Structure: Free access to a well-documented level structure, simplifying swim lessons for instructors, parents, and swimmers.
  • Adaptability: Members can customize materials, including adding logos and renaming levels, using provided templates and frameworks.

In summary, the All Access Membership from Swimming Ideas is a comprehensive resource that empowers swim programs with adaptable, structured lesson plans and skill sheets. It simplifies the teaching process, supports instructors with clear goals and progression, and offers the flexibility to customize content to fit any program’s branding. With a focus on horizontal forward progress and a mission to streamline swim instruction, this membership is an invaluable tool for fostering swimming proficiency from beginner levels to competitive readiness. Whether you’re refining the breaststroke or mastering flip turns, Swimming Ideas’ materials are designed to enhance the learning experience for swimmers and instructors alike.

Membership provides tools that make swim instruction easier, effective, and fun! Check out all we offer today.

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Better swimming.
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