Minnows 9/17/2019

Dryland Activities:

Dryland – Crab Scuttle

One person holds Crab Walk position, and the partner has to scuttle like a tiny twinkle toes fish through the crab’s feet.

Tiny twinkle toes fish = on your belly, using only your toes and hands to move, but staying as low as possible.

Dryland – Soft Pretzel into SL

Form small groups, or partners.

One person is the “soft pretzel.” Tangle up your arms and legs in a creative way while laying on the ground. Become a pretzel.

The partner needs to move the “pretzel’s” limbs and body into a streamline shape on their back making sure all key points are met:
– Locked thumb
– Squeezed Ears
– Head aiming straight

Also, keep body straight and toes together, legs together and torso straight.

Question of the Day: What does Perpendicular mean?
Answer: At a right angle to something else. Or Pushing directly sideways out of a flat line. L
Y = Walk in Airplane for 2 black lines to black lines.
N = HOLD a V shape with only your butt touching the gound for 7 seconds.

Warmup in water:

100 IM Kick
2 x 25 position 11.

Review 3 things for Streamline before first 25.
1) Lock your thumb.
2) Squeeze your ears (back of head).
3) Look down (with your whole face).
Review 3 things for Position 11 before second 25:
1) Keep your arms straight.
2) Stay at the surface (even when you breathe).
3) Look down (with your whole face).

Split Up into 2 Groups

Group 1

3 x SL through Hula Hoops

Hold the hula hoop with the base touching the bottom at the T mark.

More advanced, move the hula hoop to the bottom at the flags.

YouTube player

Group 2

3 x SL on BK

Begin underwater. Lay on back, hands on head, grow into streamline. Push off in straight line.

Start with lying flat on the back with hands on the head and growing into a SL when pushing off the wall.

Then work up to going underwater first before pushing off the wall.

Get back together in one group

2 x 25 Kicking with the board in position 11 with face in the water.

2 x 25 kicking with the board in position 11, take a FR stroke when you need to breathe.

2 x 25 with board sideways. Do FR arms always having one arm hold the board.

1 x 50 FREE

1 challenge:

Challenge – Back on the bottom, 2 feet on the wall

Lay down on the bottom of the pool with your back, shoulders and hips touching the floor.

At the same time, but two feet on the wall.

Hold it for 2 seconds.

1 x 100 BK Kick no board.

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