Sharks 10/22/2019


100 IM Kick

100 FLY K on back

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: What should you rotate to make your freestyle breathing better?
Correct = 50 FR
Wrong = 50 BK

4 x 25 on 1:00 BK K no board.

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

3 x SL + no K + 2 FLY strokes

No kicking throughout. Glide on SL first, then at the surface move the arms in the fly motion.

Okay for the recovery, from hips to 11 to push the swimmer backwards.

Thumbs aim down, and should be only part of hand touching water.

Arms do not recover UP, or above the body. Natural to the sides and forward motion.

Group 2:

3 x SL on back + 3 BK after flags


Underwater first, lean back, grow into streamline. Long flat glide looking up with bubbles in SL.

Stay in SL until you reach the flags.

After the flags, begin three strokes.

Count with your thumb EXITS the water, or begins the recovery portion of the stroke.

Get back together into one group

15 x 50 on 2:00: 2 strokes FLY + FREE / BK x 25.
Go 10 seconds apart.

1st 25: 2 swimming strokes of Fly, breathe on #2, then freestyle the rest of the 25.
2nd 25: All backstroke.

True or False Game

Everyone gets out of the water. Line up with a fair amount of space between each person. Two feet’s toes on the edge.

“If I say something true, you jump in. If I say something false, do not jump in.

If you’re wrong, you’re out. Last one in wins. If everyone is out, I win.”

1st statement is easy and always true.
“This is a swimming pool.” or something similar.

Then ask swimming questions getting ever more specific.
“you must touch the wall with 2 hands on freestyle” – False. You don’t HAVE to.

Make statements about the coach that the swimmers would know.
“My name is…”
“I went to high school at…”
innocuous innocent facts that are appropriate for a child setting.

Game – Dice Roll Challenges

1) 5 Front flips between the “T” mark and the wall.2) 2 front flips where feet, paint the wall as they go around, over the head and back to the floor.
3) Push off on your side, underwater, with arms stretched in airplane. One arm aiming up, other arm aiming down. 4) Only using your hands without your feet touching the ground or pushing off the wall, move from the first person corner, to the yellow, across the lane, and back to the wall corner moving in a square.
5) Have a friend hold a floating smiley face toy at the flags. Do a streamline underwater and come up, underneath the toy to touch it with your fingers without looking.6) Do 5 jumps off the bottom in SL where your belly button gets above the water. Start in water up to your chest.

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