Sharks 10/4/2019


100 IM Kick

100 Bk

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: What is the correct way the officials will blow the whistles and start a race?
Answer: 5 short whistle, 1 long whistles, take your mark, been
Y = 50 ch
N = 50 bk k

4 x 25 on 1:00 Free

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

Group 2:

Get back together into one group

Challenge – Streamline Launch

Form partners.

Other person pushes their feet to launch them forward in streamline.

The pushing person can’t go past the flags or the “T” mark. Set a distance that the streamliner needs to travel to pass the challenge, without falling out of streamline or kicking.

Pusher can use the wall to push. This is encouraged.

6 x 100
choice. Free, back, fly kick, or 4 fly free the rest of each 25 or 4 breaststroke free the rest o each 25

2 can be kick with or without fins.


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