SIP 058: The One Thing

How to be a better coach or instructor

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Episode 057 with Meighan Julbert: “Focus on the 2-3 things totally essential for swimmer’s success.”


Episode 055 with Karis Mount: “My coaches focused on the one thing that would make me improve. We were focused.”

Episode 054 with Jennifer Butler: “When giving feedback, focus on the one thing that will help them the most.”

Effective Teaching from USA Swimming:

  • One thing at a time
  • Break every move down into “chunks”
  • Aim for perfecting one ‘chunk’ each practice
  • Make your INTENT and OBJECTIVE absolutely clear
    • “This is your focus, this is your goal”
    • “When we do this, I want you to think about: x

Strong direct immediate feedback: That ties into the focus, the goal.

Avoid breaking bad habits, give new ones.

Give effective feedback in your lessons or on your swim team.


Check out the developmental practices we use on our swim team:

Developmental Swim Practices:

Access to boards with detailed instructions and cards each week.

4 lesson plans with multiple activities to fill 45 minutes.

Next week’s plans delivered every Friday.

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