Swim Drill – Three Flips Drill

Repetition repetition repetition!

This drill or activity works best with beginning swimmers who have not yet mastered their flip turns. I’ve used it with 12 and under developmental swimmers and 9-12 year old state level swimmers.


Three Flips

20 x 50 on 1:15 (or on no interval) Freestyle / Freestyle kick x 50

Each swimmer gets a partner. Partners alternate 50’s so each partner will only swim 10 of the 20 50’s. Partner A goes, then partner B goes after partner A touches the wall.

While your partner is swimming or kicking, you do 3 flips getting your feet to touch the wall in three different spots.

1st flip: land your feet above the horizontal line of the cross on the wall.

2nd flip: land your feet ON the horizontal line of the cross on the wall.

3rd flip: land your feet UNDER the horizontal line of the cross on the wall.


Example from partner A’s perspective:

I’m first, so I swim a 5o freestyle.

I touch the wall, and my partner leaves, swimming his 1st 50, freestyle swim.

While my partner is swimming, I do 3 flips at the wall, touching my feet in a certain location each flip. Any time I have left is rest.

My partner touches the wall.

Now I do a 50 freestyle kick.

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