What terrible mistakes have your staff made?

Keep your staff from teaching diving in

What terrible mistakes have your staff made?


Even with the best intentions our seasonal staff makes some awful crazy mistakes. Take practicing diving in the shallow end. This instructor thought it was a good idea to teach her student dives while the swimmer stood on the painted sign saying “No Diving!” Yup, that child is about to go head first into 3 feet deep water.


Thankfully this was stopped before it happened, but WOW! That is a doozie!


Have you seen any colossal blunders from your swim staff?


Take a quick moment to download some swim lesson plans and see how a guided, intuitive, dynamic swim lesson will keep your staff from “flying off the cuff” or “winging it” and coming up with some solid screw ups.


Our favorite bad ideas:

  • Assisted Dives from the shallow end
  • Head first on their back down the water slide as a reward
  • Giving non-underwater participants a ride on the guard tube to the deep end, 5 kids. 1 instructor swimming with face down, back turned to the kids dragging behind him by 5 feet.
  • “Stay right here, I’m going to go get a kickboard” and leaving 5 non-swimmers unattended in the pool


Don’t let these happen to you!

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