Why I absolutely love the Online Lesson Management Suite

Really. I do. I love it. It makes my job as a swim lesson manager easier. It does, and I have a story today to illustrate just one reason why it is so powerful and exciting.

The online management suite is one of the tools you get when you join the Complete Swimming Program for $59.00 a month.

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We just finished our Winter 2 session, or our Spring session; basically March – April. At the end of the session we email our evaluations or “end of session” sheets. We do this all online now using the Online Lesson Management suite for Swimming Ideas levels. The manager on deck walks around during lessons and tests the kids, and updates their evaluation form. They write comments specific to each skill, and then edit them at the end of the session finally emailing them to the parents.

Here is a look at a test version of the swimmer’s details page:

To get to the story of why I love this system so much, and why this page in particular is so important.

I got a phone call today from one of the swimmers in the last session. They wanted to tryout for the swim team, and you have to have a specific level of ability to make the team. I wasn’t familiar with the kid, but the mom said she was recently in swim lessons. I asked if she got the email evaluation and and she had so while I was on the phone with her, i pulled up her evaluation form. Look at that picture above: I clicked on “Test History.”

And there it was! The test she had just gotten filled out by the swim lesson manager on deck during her lessons. I could then look at the details and speak competently about her evaluation and how she would fit in with swim team. Yes, right there is a record of the last evaluation we did for this swimmer, and I could reference in while speaking on the phone with the parent in order to give the best clearest information to the participant.

Based on the information that was in the evaluation we decided to schedule a tryout and the mom was more than happy with everything.

I especially loved that I could talk competently about her swimmer because I had her entire swimming history and evaluation history right in front of me a few clicks away. Think back to the last time you had a parent asking you about their kid’s progress, and their level, and “how are they doing in lessons.” You think to yourself, “uhm, who is that kid? I don’t know every single child in all of my program’s swim lessons. We have hundreds of kids across multiple pools and managers. With the online system, you can log in, click on the swimmer’s name, scroll through their details and read the most recent evaluations or tests. You have all that information right at your fingertips!

Our program uses iPads to interact with the lesson program online, and we just use safari or chrome to access the page. Managers on deck can schedule make up classes, create notes specific to each child, create classes, and adjust rosters. We also take attendance with the program.

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