5/15/2019 Sharks


100 IM Kick

100 Coach’s choice

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: What is the name of the fastest stroke in swimming? What is the slowest? Front crawl, breaststroke
Y = 50 BR or FR
N = 50 BK K

4 x 25 on 1:00 BK

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

3 x Flip at wall 1st, then SL on back

Start close to the wall, facing wall.

Do a front flip towards the wall. Plant feet on wall, lay backwards, and SL on back underwater.

Group 2:

3 x SL + 1 BR arm (11, Eat & Breath, 11) + 2 BR K (long glide underwater)

Streamline with no kick.

At the surface do the arms with a breath. 11, Eat and breathe, 11. Avoid chicken wings, or hands pushing water past shoulders down to belly.

Get underwater again in position 11.

Do 2 BR kicks one after another underwater.

Feel how kick launches body forward.

Get back together into one group

Each lane goes at own pace

3 x {

2 x 25: BR or FLY, whole lane does same thing for both.

2 x SL + 2 FLY OR 2 x SL + 1 BR arm + 1 BR Kick and glide

1 x 50: FLY K, BK K, or FR K, whole lane does same thing whole way

2 x SL with NO kick + 1 super fast 11, Eat and Breathe, 11 at surface OR 2 x SL with NO kick + 1 Fly arm stroke with a FLY kick when return to 11

1 x 100: FR or BK, whole lane does same thing whole way

1 x Challenge: coaches write different challenges on board. Lane chooses.


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