7/10/2019 Sharks


100 IM Kick

100 Bk

2 x 25 Position 11

Question of the Day: If you fall in before the beep at a meet can you climb out and get back on the block? “Yes if the officials let you. No if you get disqualified.”
Y = 25 Dive FR with Fly kick
N = 25 push off wall Fly K on back

4 x 25 on 1:00 BK

Split up into two groups:

Group 1:

3 x SL + 1 FLY + 1 BR

SL with fly kick.

Do one full fly stroke, without a breath.

After returning to Position 11, initiate Breaststroke.

Arms with a breath.

Kick and a glide.

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Streamline with fly kick. At surface do one stroke. Leave hands at the hips, lift head up so chin skates across surface or chin glides above water.

Group 2:

3 x SL + no K + 2 FLY strokes

No kicking throughout. Glide on SL first, then at the surface move the arms in the fly motion.

Okay for the recovery, from hips to 11 to push the swimmer backwards.

Thumbs aim down, and should be only part of hand touching water.

Arms do not recover UP, or above the body. Natural to the sides and forward motion.

Get back together into one group

4 x 100: 1st 25 = FLY rest is FR or BK

Create teams.

Each swimmer does 1 or two pieces of a race.

  • Dive and Streamline
  • Breakout (1st two strokes after dive)
  • Swim
  • Turn
  • Finish

Swimmers choose which stage they will do.

Coaches start and stop a timer for each stage of the swim. 0.00 for the dive until the swimmer breaks the surface on their streamline. Mark where the swimmer streamlined too.

Start watch again when the breakout swimmer breaks the surface after a streamline dive and stop the watch when they finish their second stroke. Eye the distance they traveled on 2 strokes and add that to Dive swimmer’s distance.

Start watch again when the “swim” swimmer starts and stop the watch when they get to the far flags. Swim swimmer starts at the distance the Dive and Streamline swimmer and the Breakout swimmer got.

Start watch again when you say go for the “Turn” swimmer to start at the flags, do a turn, and get back to the flags. Stop watch when the return to the flags.

Start watch again when the send swim swimmer starts at the flags and stop it when they get to the other flags.

Start watch when the “Finish” swimmer starts at the flags, and stop it when they get to the wall.

Dive and Streamline

Start off the blocks or from the side and do the appropriate streamline.

Begin watch at “go” and stop watch when swimmer breaks surface.


Start off the blocks, do the appropriate streamline. Do 2 strokes.

Start watch without resetting it when swimmer breaks surface and stop the watch when the swimmer has finished the 2nd stroke.


Swimmer starts at the combined distance from the wall as the Dive and Streamline and the Breakout swimmer’s 2 strokes.

Swim to the far flags.

Start watch when coach says’s “Go” from their start location. Stop watch when swimmer gets to the flags.


Swimmer starts at the flags. Swims to the wall, does appropriate turn, streamlines to the flags.

Start watch without resetting it when coach says “go.” Stop watch when swimmer gets back to the flags.


Swimmer starts at the flags and swims to the wall.

Start watch when coach says “go.” Stop watch when swimmer touches wall.

Final times are the aggregate of all pieces. Start and stop each piece without resetting the watch.

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