Games and Toys from Dynamic Aquatics with Kyndal

I recently sent out an email asking about your struggles this summer. Through some conversation I got to talking to Kyndal from Dynamic Aquatics and she shared some wonderful information about games and toys that she brings to her clients for swim lessons. The following is information that she shared with me about what she does to provide fun and effective swim lessons!
I have 20 silly sticks that sink, 15 rings and tons of sinking fish & creepy crawlers plus I have some things that float so I play a lot of matching colors with the rings, sticks and “bugs” then we swim to the side of the pool that that color is at. For the little ones that don’t or won’t put their face in I hold a fish in my palm at the steps and ask them to blow bubbles, now look down keep your eyes open and get the bug out of my hand. I’ll bring my hand down deeper to get them to accomplish this but most won’t put more than their nose and mouth in. I show them and ask them to be my copy cat. Sometimes they’ll do it but I have a few of those really stubborn ones that will not do it no matter what and try to either bring my arm up or get it with their feet. Number one rule is hands only. I play a ton of games with my older kids but the younger ones are the ones I’m always trying to get creative with and I’m running out of ideas.
With the smaller ones or more scared ones I have 7 ping pong balls I have painted different colors and will have them blow them across the pool to have them actually see the movement if the ball.
Here are some pictures of the things I bring to every swim lesson.

I am mobile so it really pays to not have to carry all of this stuff through people’s houses in my arms, the bag and basket make it much easier to keep everything organized.

Here is a list of everything I bring. I try to keep everything as cheap as possible as well as fun and colorful!

The basket I got at Dollar Tree $1

Carabeener for keys and hair ties for the girls $1: Hair ties: $1

6 pack of Rings: $5-7

6 pack of Silly Stix: $5-7

8 pack of Sinking fish: $6-8 (Nets come with)

3 pack of Float Fish: $4-6

Bucket for dumping water: $1 (Dollar Tree)

Goggles: $2-5

Swimming Nemo: $8-10

Waterproof Bag for larger items: Laundry bag from Target $7-8

Noodles: $1 each at Dollar Tree

Kickboard: $10 Pinch a Penny Pool Supplies

Barbell: $20

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