Swimming Game – Swim Subtraction

Category: Distance swimming, Group Core Skill: Coach’s Choice, Reading the board. Name: Swim Subtraction WHO This game is for swim teams that know how to read the board a little bit. Some ability to read your shorthand, your practices, or some familiarity with your program is important. Do not play this game with beginners. We … Read more

Swimming Game – Give a Gift, Take a Swim

Category: Group activity, Social Core Skill: Coach’s choice Name: Valentine’s Day Practice I like to do different things for the holidays. Most of the kids that participate on our swim team are in grade school or middle school. They’re somewhere between 5 years old and 13 on the developmental swim team. For Valentine’s Day I … Read more

Swimming Game – Streamline Line Walk

Category: Group Activity Core Skill: Dryland / Core Strength / Streamline Name: [Streamline] Line Walk     Ideas come from many different areas. This game was inspired by talking with another coach about her exercise training she was doing at her gym. The basic concept is like what I call an “indian run.” Thought I’m sure there … Read more

Swimming Game – Flick a Frog

Category: Personal Challenge Core Skill: Aerobic Workout (coach’s choice) Name: Flick a Frog I like to use props when I can, and some days they’re better than others. I happened to stumble upon a basket of little plastic frogs.   Naturally, I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them into my swim lessons or … Read more

Swimming Game – Election

Category: Group Activity Core Skill: Swimming Knowledge / General Swimming Name: Election! We played this game on the fly on November 8th, the night of the american election. With the results in, and Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by 3 million, and Trump seeming the next president, it highlights some of the interesting things about american … Read more

Swimming Game – Baseball World Series

Category: Group Activity / Personal Challenge Core Skill: Swimming Knowledge Name: Swimming Baseball Were you caught up in baseball world series fervor? The Cubs finally won the series for the first time in 108 years, and in honor of their last game, we played “Baseball” at swim practice. It was AWESOME! The kids had a blast, and … Read more

Swimming Game – Personal Challenge

Category: Personal Challenge Core Skill: Varied Name: (Category of Game)   You want to play games in your swim lessons and at swim practice. It makes your students more engaged because they have more fun, and it resets their attention allowing you to intersperse your repetitive practice with fun and interesting activities. Games are fun, and they … Read more

Swimming Game – Flip a Coin

Category: Group Challenge, Chance Core Skill: Coach’s choice Name: Flip a Race You’ll need two large coins. Quarters will do. The coach flips a coin, then a swimmer flips a coin. Swimmers take turns flipping one of the coins. There will be four options: Coach Heads, Swimmer Heads Coach Heads, Swimmer Tails Coach Tails, Swimmer Tails Coach Tails, Swimmer Heads … Read more

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