Swimming Game – President’s Day Trivia

Category: Group Activity Core Skill: General Swimming / Quiz Name: President’s Day Trivia This game is actually a trivia portion with a bunch of little mini-games inside of it associated with each President. Holidays are a good excuse to do something different or new.  I remember inventing the baseball swim game for our swim group during the … Read more

Swimming Game – Election

Category: Group Activity Core Skill: Swimming Knowledge / General Swimming Name: Election! We played this game on the fly on November 8th, the night of the american election. With the results in, and Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by 3 million, and Trump seeming the next president, it highlights some of the interesting things about american … Read more

Swimming Game – Flip a Coin

Category: Group Challenge, Chance Core Skill: Coach’s choice Name: Flip a Race You’ll need two large coins. Quarters will do. The coach flips a coin, then a swimmer flips a coin. Swimmers take turns flipping one of the coins. There will be four options: Coach Heads, Swimmer Heads Coach Heads, Swimmer Tails Coach Tails, Swimmer Tails Coach Tails, Swimmer Heads … Read more

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