Get ready! Lesson Coordinator Handbook

The companion book for swim lesson managers is well underway! Are you ready to have a training guide for in-person staff on-boarding? Ready to have a resource that goes into detail for each of our Levels?

We have the book for you: Lesson Coordinator Handbook: a companion guide for fun and effective instruction.

This book will be available to all-access members for Teams at no additional cost, and be available for a 50% discount to all-access individual subscribers.

One of the biggest benefits of this new passing coordinator training workbook is that it includes a full block plan for in person training. N

Your lesson coordinators or managers will be able to lead a large group of new swim instructors through a full day of training which includes on land skill and practice as well as in water peer teaching.

Follow the activity, activity, challenge formula just like we do in swim lessons with your own in person training. We’ve come up with a series of successful group activities that will help train crucial swim instructor skills to your new and veteran staff.

Engage in exciting challenges to stimulate imagination and have fun. we create memorable experiences and learning opportunities through new and interesting ways; use our challenges or come up with your own!

This new book is intended for programs with staff that require training. While you are encouraged to use it for your own personal training it is intended to use in a large group setting. Do you have managers and staff beneath you as an aquatic professional? Use this PDF and print out copies for all of your leadership team.

Three main sections:
  • Levels: Purple
  • Training: Pink
  • Problem Solving: Green

The printed version of this book will be available on

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