How to find Swim Lessons in your area

Google is your friend. That is the real key to the whole process, though Bing or any other search engine will do.

Before typing in your location and “swim lessons” I recommend you go to your local park district first.  Find your local park district here

  • Park districts often have quality swimming pools of varying depths. They are generally built to provide the widest range of public use, so they include shallow and deep areas.
  • Park districts are always family friendly, which is a must for swim lessons
  • Park Districts cater to infants and older children, and often adults as well.
  • Often have long traditions of successful, proven, swim programs.
  • They usually offer morning and evening swim lessons. AM lessons during the year are usually for pre-schoolers (5 and under) and afternoon for 6+. During the summer they often cater to all ages.

Unfortunately, park district web pages and registration processes are often outdated and difficult. If you can navigate their archaic brochure structures and find their offered swim lessons you often need to choose which level and day/time you’ll be attending. Some park districts list their swim lessons under Aquatics, others under sports.

  • PRO TIP! Summer swim lessons are often every day for 2 weeks or M-Th. School year swim lessons are usually once a week.

For Profit Programs

Community centers like the YMCA, JCC, JCYS, athletic clubs, and private lakes usually offer some sort of swimming lessons. If you don’t have a particular location in mind, then I recommend visiting the facility before you register for a class. You want to look of the following things:

  • What does the pool look like? Is it kept clean? If it is an outdoor pool is it heated?
  • Are there lifeguards on duty during swimming lessons?
  • How deep is the Pool? If it is not a zero-depth pool (one that simulates a beachfront) how  does the pool accommodate smaller swimmers who can’t touch the bottom. Do they use platforms or benches to create an artificial floor?
  • What kind of a program is it? Red Cross, Starfish, Swim America, YMCA? Is it an in-house program?
  • Who runs the swim lessons? This is generally the person to go to in order to quickly register, and get all these questions answered.
  • How much does it cost, how long are the lessons, and what are the rations of swimmers to teachers (unless it is a parent in the water with the teacher settle for nothing more than 5:1. If you see a beginner class with 10 kids and 1 teacher, RUN!)

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