Swimming Game – Parent Tot – Hokey Pokey

"Put your whole self in!"
"Put your whole self in!"
Dancing in the pool

Hokey Pokey For Parent Tot Swimming Lessons

The best thing for infant swimmers is routine. Repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition.

If you play the Hokey Pokey in your class, I suggest you do it at the end of your class session. It can be time consuming, and get monotonous and droll. Focus on a few key points.

  • Put your feet in and shake them all about. Starting with the feet will re-emphasize kicking that you ideally spent 1/2 your class time working on in some fashion. Remember! Babies/2.5 year olds are not able to fully move their bodies yet in those fine motor movements.
  • Put your Hand in, put your hand out! Focus on the reaching motion of the arm and the hand. We’re looking for macro movements (long large body motions, not cupped hands and s-curve pulling).
  • Put you whole face in and blow a bubble out! #1 goal of any preschool class?? Go underwater and make it as natural as possible.

For limited time, and maximum effect, focus on only these three items in your song. Any more and you’ll waste valuable teaching time, and start dipping into the boring repetition of the song.


You put your [feet] in,
You put your [feet] out,
You put your[feet] in,
And you shake it all about,

You do the hokey pokey
and you turn yourself around
That what it’s all about.

2) left arm

3) right arm

4) Face

5) Whole Self (make it a little fun too 😀 )

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